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Sounds really promising! Madeleine R reviewed on on Dec. I bought this book based on the rave reviews, but I find myself so frustrated with the spelling and grammatical errors that it is getting very hard to push through and finish it. Almost every paragraph changes from current to past tense and back again!

Just pick one and stick with it. And please, stop with the " If you are going to charge people for your book, please have someone proof it first.

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Subulola reviewed on on Aug. Thanks for a beautiful book!

I've read this a thousand times! I wish i could find my own Ryder Van Woodsen one day.. I'm so in love with him!! Jerilee Kaye is such a good writer. Pyah03 reviewed on on July 21, An awesome book. The entire story pulls at your heartstrings. I'm completely in love with Ryder Van Woodsen!

I find the book amazing, read it so many times.. I love the character of Ryder Van Woodsen, he's really a saviour to Astrid.

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It made me smile and cry Choo Lee reviewed on on July 18, I got to read the first parts on wattpad then i knew i had to buy the complete ebook. Writing has the ability to evoke the strongest of emotions from causing you to rip your hair out in frustration and in the next smile like the Joker possessed you; I suppose in short the symptoms of great writing is similar to those of pre-menstrual syndrome. Kaye's stories are heart wrenchingly sad, but it's the kind if sadness that one gets addicted to, solely because it resounds in the reader.

The love story between Ryder and Astrid is certainly not like the ordinary; it is a tale of immense perseverance, and just what love makes a person do.

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My only regret is that post-reading my expectations are now extremely high and I wander hurriedly in and out of jewelry stores with my head down. The story will definitely touches your heart. The story the story will make you fall in love over and over again. Its so addictive. Norhabibah reviewed on on July 10, Forgot to rate it in my comments. So, here it is. A straight 5 stars. I got hooked to her stories especially after reading this story, Knight in Shining Suit.

Keep it up Ms Jerilee Kaye. Please write more stories, especially the romantic stories. I read the sample on wattpad and i must say i was hooked from the very first chapter. After 2 months of searching for ways to get this book ,a friend finally got it for me as a gift, i was so happy. Reading this book gave me this giddy feeling i couldnt describe and there are those moments that just frustrate you and others just make you smile and laugh.

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Hope I meet my own Ryder Van Woodsen Thanks Jerilee for sharing this amazing story. Can't wait to read more of your works. Romona reviewed on on June 29, I love this book so much on watt pad, so when I read this book I just couldn't wait to buy it but of course no money in PayPal so I had to wait, but I never heard of smash words ever. I thankyou for lovely book, I read so many books on there so when I have to buy a book it doesn't matter how much I'm proud when you get published so happy writing. Romona reviewed 5 months after purchase.

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Amazing book, must read. I really enjoyed reading the book when it was on wattpad. When the author notified her readers that it was available for purchase on amazon. When you read someone's work on wattpad. There are so many stories on that site, it is hard to "weed out" the bad ones.

I thought, for the most part, that the author put a lot of thought into the characters and their emotions. She didn't make the main characters fall in love immediately. She let the reader know that time periods had pass. They had time apart so they could think about each other and miss each other.

It was believable. Authors usually rush one or both of the characters feelings. The main male and female characters were written with great emotion I initially read this book on Wattpad and I was so hooked that I had to buy the book itself on smashwords. This was the first book I ever bought on smashwords and it was worth it.

I have never found a book that toyed with my emotions as much as this one did, and that too in a good way. I instantly and insanely fell in love with the man that was Ryder, and later I felt sorry for him and then I felt happy; this book was took me on a rollercoaster ride on which I never stopped feeling for a minute. In the end, the book got a bit monotonous, however the overall plot of the story was pretty great and it proved to be an interesting read.

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I bought this book right after ive read it on wattpad sample only immediately txted my bro to buy it for me. I dont have cc though. She gave life in every character, they evolve individually. I love Astrid,the patience the love for Ryder!!

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  • Never give up for the love of your life,continue learning,endure the pain. Hope for the best that u might one day will have ur own ever after!!! That is. Astrid to Ryder!!! To Ms. Kaye,thank you for all your works,i will definitely buy all your books though id prefer reading it for free. Carina Tran reviewed on on June 15, This book was the first ebook i've ever bought.

    I promised myself to never buy an ebook because I didn't like to read books online, but once i've read a sample of this book, i was hooked! I wanted to continue to read it so badly so I ended up buying it and broke own my promise to myself! It's far the best book i've ever read! Not even exaggerating! The Independent. CBS News. Marie Claire.

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