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Scholastic Inc. Photos by Gary Ombler.

This informational book meets all of the criteria to be considered accurate and appealing for young students. The content within t is all valid information and information that is up to date.

Because this is visual book, the images are carefully placed around the surplus of facts. The layout of the book is not cluttered, but instead has an equal balance between the information about each rock, gem and mineral and visual aids to help the readers connect each fact to the rock, mineral, or gem. Overall, this book is fitting for young readers to use as a source of information and fuel curiosity.

Campoy, Isabel, and Theresa Howell. Maybe something beautiful: How art transformed a neighborhood. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. Illustrated by Rafail Lopezl. Maybe something beautiful is a picture storybook based on a true story in an urban San Diego neighborhood. The story is about how an artistic young girl and a muralist brought a neighborhood together through painting murals on the gray, drab buildings and benches.

Young readers will relate to the inspiring young girl. The message in this book, that one child can make a big difference, is valuable, especially in schools. The illustrations make the book memorable, and appropriate for the theme of art throughout the story.

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The majority of the illustrations in the beginning of the book are gray, black, and white. The exception is that the young girl and the artist are portrayed with vibrant colors.


As the story goes on, the pages become more colorful, with bright shades of orange, pink, and purple. The growing energy and color in the illustrations as the story progresses symbolizes the growing energy in the neighborhood as the people spread their artwork. The illustrator uses both vertical and horizontal page spreads, which provides a creative perspective.

Overall, the shape, colors, and tone of this book are very engaging for young children. This book is a true piece of literature. It contains a plot told through simple text and intricate illustrations. It is relevant to a place in history because it is based on a true story. This story should be recommended because it provides information on a real world phenomenon, while maintaining a clear message that anyone can change the world.

Carmen, Patrick.

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  • Fizzopolis: Floozombies! Illustrations by Brian Sheesly. Harold Fuzwonker, his buddies Floyd and Sammy, and professor Fuzzwonker are in a pickle when their Fuzzwonker Fizzomatic soda machine is on the fritz. A piece of the less than desirable Flooze candy enters the fizzomatic machine by accident, which triggers the creation of green fizzy zombies that have wandered throughout town.

    It is up to Harold and the gang to save the town! The book uses two fictional settings within the text, Pflugerville and the massive laboratory underneath the Fuzzwonker residence. These setting become quite relatable for readers due to the colorful writing of Gill and the interesting black coal illustrations by Numberman. Recommended for grades Carter, Aimee. Simon Thorn is an average adolescent boy. To add to his stress, Simon has been living with his uncle in crowded and bustling Manhattan after his mom left to travel the world as a zoologist.

    In the first few pages, readers quickly discover that Simon can also talk with animals. When Simon learns his mother has been kidnapped by a bunch of rats, he is brought into the world of Animalgam Academy. Located in Central Park, just across the street from his apartment, is an entire world of five war-torn animal kingdoms — Mammals, Birds, Reptiles, Insects, and Underwater. The quick-paced, easy-to-read writing style, plus the exciting plot twist will leave readers, ages 8 — 12, wanting a sequel.

    Celenza, Anna. Illustrated by JoAnn Kitchel. Prince Nicolas has hired an orchestra to entertain his guests at his summer home at Esterhaza. The orchestra is forced to leave their families for a summer in order to play for Prince Nicolas. He demands the orchestra to play music for every occasion.

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    Joseph Haydn, the conductor and composer, is kept very busy writing pieces for each of those occasions. After months have passed, the orchestra members begin to truly miss their families. They request to have their families brought to Esterhaza to see them. The Prince denies this request, saying that there would not be room for the guests, if the families came.

    The end of summer comes and goes and the musicians are still at Esterhaza; growing more and more impatient. Haydn devises a fantastic plan to get the musicians back to their families through the performance of a piece. He composes a piece in F minor, which is a very dreary key. The night this piece is premiered the musicians show their emotions through the music.

    The first movement begins explosively and intense. Prince Nicolas is enraged.

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    The second movement demonstrates the sadness the musicians feel. The Prince begins to feel the sadness of the musicians. The last movement begins slowly and the members of the orchestra leave the stage slowly one at a time. The Prince finally understands and gives the orchestra members permission to return home. The illustrations, throughout the book, capture the emotions felt. Each of the four movements of the symphony has a personal page of illustrations. Each page has the color of the emotion that one might feel while hearing that movement.

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    During the opening movement, the music is angry and the color used in the illustration is red, conveying anger. The second movement is sad and the colors are blue. The third movement is scherzo and the colors are yellow. The final movement is slow and melancholy. The corresponding color is purple. The illustrations add to the pathos of the book. The story, meant for readers between the ages , begins by describing three friends: Modest, Vladimir, and Victor from St.

    Petersburg, Russia.