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They are making an FPS. Who knew a company could have a mid-life crisis Gorvar said:.

Every wrong is recorded. Clan Gunnisson!

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Karak Eight Peaks! Where is Boris Todbringer? Have you seen him? Post edited by Thanquol on June TheGuardianOfMetal said:. Wulfrik by C.

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Werner about Wulfric the Wanderer, norscan and champion of chaos seems like it has a nice plot and storyline. Haven't gotten around to buying it though. I'm gonna start buying more WH books, was looking around second hand book shops, but seems like Amazon is the only option. I like physiacl copies don't like reading on the phone or computer. LordTorquemado Posts: 1, Registered Users.

Clark Graham

I really hoped much more from Sigmar's novels. I have read the first one and I am reading the second one right now, but it is really boring in the end.

I hope it is better in the third part. Nagash's novels are good, specially the first and second.

Dwarves of Elvenshore

There is no light here, no mercy. Naggarond has claimed the souls of better heroes than you. Gobsmaka Posts: Registered Users. Book 1.

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Free with day trial. Book 2. Book 3. Not Available on Audible. Book 4.

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Will the forces from Elvenshore be enough to save the army of the Duke from the forces of the evil Druid King? Other books from this series are available here. Billy has spent his whole life keeping his head down in school and trying to survive the endless parade The King calls a quest. Edris wants a new life and thinks winning the quest is the answer.