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If this is the future of the American evangelical movement then that can only be a good thing. I think too often the media is quick to portray the USA as being full of either fundamentalists like Fred Phelps or rich hedonists like some of Hollywood. The likes of Wallis help alter that perception and whilst I don't agree with nearly everything he stands for, I'd rather see him and his type propagate their brand of religion than the alternative.

Also, perhaps most shocklingly, I agree with LSV. If all aspects of the bible were adhered to equally, then social justice would be paramount; over and above almost anything save evangelising. This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. To the best of my knowledge; BBC does not care about the quality of the postings only that the posts adhere to the House Rules.

And if you cannot differentiate between what is drivel and what is illegal, you got to work on your communications skill, man. AboutFace - You don't realise that you have it easy on this blog. I often contribute to another blog one listed in Will's favourite sites above - clue: it's the one with a maritime word in it and the so-called 'moderators' on there who call themselves 'administrators' are an absolute joke at times. For all its faults and failings, the BBC does actually seem to approach the job of moderation professionally.

Why don't you try to learn to get your point across in less inflammatory language. It's a useful skill to have. Here's another thorny issue related to religion and parenting. In an account of the neo-Nazi's life, the New York Times notes that Hall managed to win custody of the children from his ex-wife. Can a judge take extreme political views into account when deciding a custody battle?

In , a Pennsylvania judge prohibited a fundamentalist Mormon father from advocating polygamy to his daughter.

Faith, Social Justice, and Public Policy: A Progressive's View

Three years later, the state supreme court reversed the order, deciding that parents have a right to teach their faith to their children—even if the behavior in question is illegal—as long as the religious lessons don't present an immediate danger. Parents have also been prohibited from trashing an ex-spouse's religious views in front of the kids. As for the societal problems inspired by religious sectarianism I think the people of N. LSV " I often contribute to another blog one listed in Will's favourite sites above - clue: it's the one with a maritime word in it " It's not the Holy See Press Office, is it?

LucyQ - You're on a roll at the moment, aren't you? Do keep it up. I'm tempted to respond, but sometimes it's good to let people get things out of their system. I haven't been making waves there, I'm afraid. Sorry about that! Couldn't resist. Very witty, LSV and Ryan. Maybe we should rewrite all of William's 'Favourite Sites' list to ensure a maritime theme - we could begin with, Aquademic Earth. Then there'd be Anglican Mainsail Or we could have "Swell and Testament" tough Will may not like having to go to the trouble of a name change. You don't have time or want to come embroiled in debates about abortion, Obama or belief in God because you think there are bigger issues to worry about.

And rightly so. I think it's the same with Jim Wallis and Sojourners. Maybe they just want to stay on their chosen topic? But somehow they shot themselves in the foot and have now become embroiled in the thing they wanted to avoid in the first place with surprise surprise the internet hit mob coming for them. If I was Jim Wallis I'd just switch the computer off for a week, take myself away somewhere nice and have a few beers This entry is now closed for comments.

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While you will be able to view the content of this page in your current browser, you will not be able to get the full visual experience. Please consider upgrading your browser software or enabling style sheets CSS if you are able to do so. This page has been archived and is no longer updated. I think the first six months was probably when you were writing about this. I think during the first six months of John Kerry looked back on the Kennedy election in and drew the wrong lesson. Kennedy was being challenged for being a tool of the Catholic hierarchy.

You know, I carry some of these ethnic, Catholic prejudices with me, so to speak — laughter. So, interestingly, I think Kerry was sort of being challenged from degree different perspective. And he gave the same answer for six months that Kennedy gave, when Kennedy gave his Houston speech. I agree with you, but it felt like you were hearing it wrong after that. PODESTA: I think, again, Catholics now are doubly disabled, once the question of abortion and communion and the relationship with the church becomes a kind of central, defining outlet to Catholic Democrats.

Nobody seems to worry about Pataki and some of the others. You know, we not only get to speak in English and respond a little bit to the priests, but it is not like the seven Protestant traditions of moral expression.

The Good Faith Innocence Of Our Wholesome Youth Has Always Been The Leftists Most Fruitful Resource

And so Kerry was, I think genuinely, sort of reflecting who he was and where he was. But I think that this challenge was coming. It was partly a deep fault within the Catholic Church and the Catholic hierarchy itself. So I think these vectors were coming in on him — and I think his response by the end was appropriate. But I think he was kind of slow to make the turn into the political headwind that was coming at him.

Religious activism

And probably Swift Boat mattered more. He was kind of slow to make the turn on that headwind as well, but I think this was also something of a factor. You said you got involved in this because you were mad. I would be interested to know whom you were mad at.

Faith, Social Justice, and Public Policy: A Progressive's View –

I was mad at the world. I mean, I thought that a real distortion was going on. That the common wisdom in reporting was that to be religious was to be conservative. I think if you think about the big national media in the coverage of the civil rights movement, and you think about the structure of the media currently today, we live in a different media environment. But we do live in a different media environment.

They were quicker to make the turn into the new media environment. I think that they were doing important work at the grassroots level, but as a result, many of the things that they were fighting for in the grassroots movement inside churches, inside synagogues, inside mosques, was being overwhelmed by public policy that was undermining all the important work that they were trying to do.

Infographic: Survey of Jewish Americans

So it was important to get back out and compete for that space. And the same is true with education and debt-relief. Are these realistically ever going to be the kinds of issues that you can build a political movement around in terms of good and evil on one solution versus another? And that is the history of the civil rights movement.

Think of what happened during the millennium, when the religious community came together — left and right — around debt-relief: people got that; they got it and they drove it down into individual congregations and people mobilized. They changed the political dynamic, and something got done. What is important is to focus the energy that people have down at the congregational level on important social challenges.

And does it take a national politician who can frame that and create a narrative around it and say that there are things we can do about it? Of course it does.

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And am I ready to assume that we will have such a person? Not yet. But I think you can only try to create the space for which that kind of political change happens.

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