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By having this type of injunction, he gives the possibility to all marketing products to move the body without having any ambition for human development. Yet sport and culture have been created by men and women to be able to experience emancipation. An expert group had, however, proposed a programme full of hope for physical education.

Finally, after a consultation without any shared views, the Director of Education decided during a weekend, to change the programmes to produce a text without any ambition for school students. The curriculum divides the physical, sports and artistic activities in 5 large domains without any real coherence. For them table tennis and rugby are in the same group on the pretext that practitioners would have the same emotion in dealing with an emotion of confrontation.

Health & Physical Education

The text gives no more expectations or competencies but, asks the PE teacher to determine them. The knowledge is no longer National but will depend upon each school team. This conception could increase inequalities and no longer offers a common framework, no a common culture. We will collect their opinions and feedback and then ask the specialist groups of each activity to make a new proposal.

A test for the Baccalaureate and for the National Diploma will join this curriculum. A lot of work to do! Promote and defend Physical Education as an important educational area within the school system and the training of young People.

Urging the ministers of education to pay more attention to PE in the school curriculum, at a regular basis. Urging the different countries to inform each other on the state of the PE. Enforce the argumentation by exchanging experiences, knowledge, scientific research, observatories, etc. Physical Literacy. European Physical Education Observatory. Claude Scheuer held the presentation on Relevant support references for advocacy Physical Education read more Getting Schools on the Move. Each participant indicated in advance by email a PE stakeholder they wished to advocate for in PE.

A pledge was made before leaving the workshop and based on the face to face and online discussions to progress with this stakeholder to enact an advocacy strategy. What Next…?

Whole-Body Listening Poster

All workshop participants will receive an email from their workshop coordinator of the outcomes. For the first time both primary and secondary students will be demonstrating their knowledge and understanding of Physical Education. Learning with the head is about learning facts or strategies cognitive. Learning with the heart is concerned with how you get along with others affective.

Learning with the hands deals mainly with the doing part, the essential skills needed to participate in the activities in Physical Education physical. Practical workshops which address this relating to all strands of the PE curriculum will be presented along with a short address from Sarah Buggy Irish international athlete and primary school teacher.

Booking and further details available through www. The term — The organizer - Prof. Term 4. Since the greatest effect of PA on musculoskeletal health occurs during childhood, increased PA for all children could be a strategy to improve these traits. The Pediatric Osteoporosis Prevention POP study is a population-based prospective controlled exercise intervention study with one school as the intervention school and three other schools as control schools.

In the intervention school we increased the amount of physical education PE per week from the Swedish standard of 60 minutes to minutes. Meanwhile, the control schools continued with 60 minutes of PE per school week. Use running, throwing and catching in isolation and in combination. Play competitive games, modified where appropriate and apply basic principles suitable for attacking and defending. Develop flexibility, strength, technique, control and balance.

Physical Education

Perform dances using a range of movement patterns. Take part in outdoor adventurous activity challenges both individually and within a team. Compare their performances with previous ones and demonstrate improvements to achieve their personal best. Planning makes a vital contribution to the effectiveness of the provision of Physical Education at Wirksworth School. All teachers are responsible for the planning of Physical Education with their own class or to selected groups, as appropriate.

However the co-ordinator is responsible for overseeing the plans and making sure there is continuity and progression throughout the school. The co-ordinator is also responsible for making sure provision is made for teachers, who are less confident in teaching areas of the subject. The long-term plan is based on the Subject Content set out in the National Curriculum. Medium Term Planning:. Each half term the class teacher will focus on one or two specified aspects and plan for progression and continuity in the physical development of each child.

The key learning objectives will be outlined for each week for the half term. Short-term planning is shown on weekly plans. Each week teachers will plan and organise specific activities which will contribute to the key learning objectives. Class teachers will determine specific goals and will differentiate according to ability, interests, needs and experience.

The staff make brief formative records which will be kept in order to inform subsequent planning. Plans are submitted onto the school shared network. Outdoor and Adventurous Activities:. Throughout the school each year group is given the opportunity to take part in one or more.

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Wirksworth Primary School promotes residential visit opportunities when possible and viable. Currently children are offered this opportunity in Years 6.

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This includes a range of outdoor and adventurous activities, designed to provide challenges for the children. Year 6 also have the opportunity for half a term of Cycling proficiency and road safety. Teaching and Learning Styles. At Wirksworth we offer children a wide range of teaching styles and learning strategies in order to deliver a broad, relevant and balanced P. These include:. Classroom Management.

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Assessment and Recording:. Teacher assessment will take place at the end of each term. Assessment will be by questioning, listening, observing children at work and testing as appropriate. Staff will also keep a bank of supportive evidence including notes, photographs and video footage. The subject file will co33ntain photographic evidence of children carrying out various skills and areas in P.

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  4. At the end of each term the subject leader will carry out a subject review. Cross-curricular Links. Where possible, links are incorporated and can be seen in medium and short term planning. This is an area which as a school we have identified and are striving to promote as good practice. Time Allocation. All classes have two hours hall time allocated each week but we aim to achieve a higher percentage with cross curricular teaching. Health and Safety. Health and Safety is considered paramount importance at Wirksworth Junior School. They are informed of areas of study each term.

    At the Parent Consultation Evening and in the End of. Parents are encouraged to attend extra-curricular events such as football matches. A range of Physical Education resources and equipment are stored in the two cupboards in the hall and in the green hut on the school yard. The resources are checked regularly to ensure quality.