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Smith, Donna Grant, J. I really enjoyed it and I am looking forward to reading more. Thank you for the entertainment. Awww thanks for letting me know and welcome to my madness. I post tidbits of upcoming stories and early cover reveals. Oh and contest lol. I like contest for my subscribers only. Hello Ms Howard! Hi Amy! Shoot me an email to michellehowardwrites gmail. I see Mating Urge available on all amazon vendors so not sure what the hang up could be. I just went on amazon and snatched it up!

And Ky-el sounds much sexier than how the little voice in my head was pronouncing it….! Lol Thanks! Thank goodness. Will you be writing anymore warlord stories? I love the Jutak warriors, too. I have been re-reading the warlord series and still would love to read about Kavan finding someone.

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Thanks for your wonderful writing! Hi Sue, yes there will be more Warlords. Kavan and Saran. My goal is for each book to be a full length novel then close that chapter on those characters. Thank you so much! Maybe after those another Overlord novella? We all love hearing about the younglings. And, if your Muse decides on more in that world there will certainly be no complaints! Thanks again. Hi Stacey.

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I might have shared an excerpt too but my brain is shorting on the details. I have a few books coming out this year but I have to find time to edit them then send to my editor then schedule release dates appropriately. Thanks for your interest in one of my fave Jutaks on Team 3.

So wanted to know how he and Lissi met. I appreciate all your stories so much.

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Thank you. I must have missed this. There will be more books in the Dracol. Love your world beyond series. Hi Bailey. Love hearing that readers enjoy my stories. I want to do Team 3 guys too. As for Kyeles dad, I do have plans for the general. I just have to see how he ends up before I can talk more about his role.

Thanks for reading my books. Your English is excellent.

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I get emails asking about Azar a lot. I just found your books on audible and listen to both of the world beyond books. When will book 3 and 4 be available in audio…very soooooon I hope. Slight delay due to vacation schedules and I have to listen along for editing. THanks Michelle. Do you have a release date? Is book 4 also in production. I love the characters and storyline. Hope that helps. I look forward to seeing them in audible when they are ready. I may wait to buy them until they are all done as I love to immerse myself in the story and characters instead of long waits in between.

Hopefully, that will be soon. Hi Tanya. The next A World Beyond in series order will be out in I cant release it before my warlord book lol.

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Thanks Michelle I look forward to reading ANY new books you write, You are an amazing writer and I just want to say thank you for sharing your wonderful worlds with us to enjoy. Take care. Hello Michelle. Just finished No Reason To Run and loved it. I noticed in past comments you said that more from Harmony would be coming in Can you be more specific on dates and what to expect with these guys?

Inquiring minds want to know…….

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My whole schedule was thrown off this year due to a personal family loss. I did get a cover done for the sequel to Project Genesis and I have an idea for the cover on the sequel to No Reason to Run. Those are two books of mine that I definitely want to get back to a domain the story line for fans. Harmony will be a trilogy and not sure on Alpha Squad since it has the potential for a lot of the other characters to have their story told. I have become a real fan of your books through audible. The back ground effects really bring the book to life.

I only realized there were more by coming to your site. When can we expect a new book in the Warlord series. I think I read something about a blue lady on the horizon.

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Will we get a book about him? I know as a writer you sometimes have to end a series and move on but I am so sad to know the Warlords will be ending soon. I love them all! It will be different for me too. I love those characters. I just have know when the next book is coming out. Iam now a serious collector of your works. Fantastic imagination and creativity. Please keep it up and running. Also pls let us know when the Dracol story continues. Thanks in advance.

Thank you so much Eleanor!

MK Eidem and I are doing sequels to the dragon stories so look for it early What happened to that follow up book? Is it out?