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The Summoning Chamber

Lulu Staff has been notified of a possible violation of the terms of our Membership Agreement. Our agents will determine if the content reported is inappropriate or not based on the guidelines provided and will then take action where needed. Thank you for notifying us. The page you are attempting to access contains content that is not intended for underage readers. Paperback, Pages. Lily, an English teenage girl, is sailing with her parents on their small yacht. An unexpected storm leaves the boat sinking, and she loses consciousness.

She awakes in a strange land called Karisia, where she is the Queen. She finds an ally in Aaron James, a US student who arrived there after blacking out following a collision in an American football game. Lily learns that when Karisia is in danger the Elder Lords can summon three people to help — the Warrior, the Queen, and the Magician.

Lily and Aaron both suspect that they were 'summoned' in error, as neither feels capable of their task. To get towards late game, we need to make our demons stronger. Several things can be done to make our demons stronger, which are in order of priority :. Main Page for more information and further reading: Leveling. All PvE content grants your account, your Liberator and your demons, experience points. EXP makes you level up, standard videogame logic. You could simply advance in Story Mode, farm in Demon Buster or advance in Aura Gate and get experience to level up, but there is a more efficient way if you just want to get stronger quickly.

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Every Story Chapter has a Leveling Quest. Chapter 1 HARD is a good alternative for half-stamina events if your team isn't ready for the higher chapters. Brand stats matter more than the rarity, so make sure the stats are what you want before fully committing to upgrading it. You will quickly run out of Macca if you try to max upgrade every Brand. Brands of Sin quests at Demon Buster is the easiest place to farm Brands, and they are available all of the time.

Don't know which Brands to equip your demons with? Feel free to experiment :. Skill transfer allows a demon to learn a skill from another demon, increasing its combat options and creating powerful combinations. To transfer a skill, the demon that receives the skill needs skill points, and you need another demon with the skill you want to transfer.

Skill points are per-demon, and they are acquired by sacrificing other demons and special items in Pandemonium. Possible sacrifices are:. Actually transferring skills requires a demon with the skill to be sacrificed, the donor. The donor may only transfer certain skills, marked with a DNA tag in their description. This is always the first skill, any skills received by transfer, and the bonus skill a Summoned demon receives.

The UI shows you all skills that can be transferred to the particular demon, including skill point price, and will let you pick from demons in your stock that can provide that skills. Skill points and transferred skills are lost when fusing. The game will warn you if you are about to sacrifice a demon that qualifies.

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Skills are not lost when evolving, so feel free to power up! Once you have transferred a skill, you can replace it with another transferred skill using the same process. If you transfer the same skill again, the skill will level up and become more powerful! A list of recommended transferable skills and their sources can be found here. Awakening a demon unlocks their Archetype Skill which varies depending on the demon and its archetype - that's the colour on the demon and slightly increases their stats.

Every demon requires Small, Medium, or Large Aether of specific type s to awaken them. Strange Signal quests grant the Aether of varying quality depending on difficulty required for Awakening a demon.

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Every Strange Signal quest will drop only one type of Aether, and Strange Signal quest availability rotates based on the day, with Neutral being open all the time. Main Article: Evolving. Evolving a demon resets their level back to 1, but grants them an increased level cap and slightly increased base stats as their rarity will increase. Unfortunately, mirrors are limited, and the Magnetite costs to fuse high-star demons makes using them as evolution fodder painful. The solution to this is to use Kanbari as fodder. The reasoning for this is that Kanbari provides experience bonuses, and as such will constantly be on your leveling teams, and therefore will be constantly gaining XP.

Since he will constantly be gaining XP, he will inevitably reach the level cap, and then will be wasting XP until evolved or replaced. Evolving him enough allows him to attain high rarity.

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You may be wondering what will be used as fodder for Kanbari to evolve to higher stars, but the answer goes right back to the previous paragraph: more Kanbaris. This does create the question of where additional Kanbaris will be sourced, but thankfully this is simple as well. The most obvious way is to use the same guide listed above on how to fuse Kanbari, and simply run those leveling quests while farming XP in order to get the demons needed for a Kanbari.

The Compendium is an easier route, as farming Chapter 1 Hell's leveling quest will net you a large number of slimes, and the rest of the parts of a Kanbari can be summoned for a relatively low cost, but Karma is limited, and getting more outside of events is slow and inefficient, so it should only be used when you're really feeling lazy.