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The projectile also applies a short duration of damage to enemies along the way. A new geek of wisdom skills - Chaos Poison: Apply a negative effect, continue to cause chaos damage to enemies in an area, and cast a curse on them. The curse of the series increases the damage and duration of this ability, and as time passes, the continuous damage of the ability becomes stronger.

Applying this ability again will re-apply the energy wave and cancel the first energy wave. You can only have one energy wave at a time. Added a new genius of Wisdom Skills - molten strike: Cast a Halo to increase the total damage of your spells and your spells, and increase your spell critical hit rate. With the passing of time, undoubtedly the situation of the prince of his parable had further deteriorated.


If it was so vital back then to grind the crown jewels, how much more so now. What had changed now that his original argument was no longer effective? And why was there a new accusation, after the previous one had long been put to rest? Maimonides summarizes the statements of the Talmud in his ruling:.

The sages of the early generations commanded that these matters should be explained to only one individual at a time. He should be a wise man, who can reach understanding with his own mind. In such an instance he is given fundamental points, and an outline of the concepts is made known to him. He is expected to continue to contemplate until he reaches understanding with his own intellect, until he realizes the ultimate meaning and depth of the concept.

These concepts are extremely deep, and not every person has the intellect necessary to appreciate them. And yet we find that the Ari, Rabbi Yitzchak Luria , greatest of all the Kabbalists, told his students that now in these later generations—he lived in the 16th century—it is not only permissible but a responsibility to reveal these teachings.

All of Torah belongs to every Jew, and every Jew is obliged to learn the entirety of it. After all, these are highly abstract concepts delivered in metaphor and delicate allusions—yet they deal with issues at the very core of Jewish belief. As Nachmanides writes, 14 when a person approaches such lofty concepts without the proper guidance—or is not open to such—he inevitably makes his own distorted and fallacious conclusions.

Not only does he lose all the benefit the teachings contain, but his distorted ideas are liable to be harmful—both to himself and to others. Actually, this applies to the study of any part of Torah. The Talmud compares the Torah to a potion. What sort of potion? That depends. If a person merits, it is as a potion of life. How could the Torah, a tree of life, be a poison?

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The Zohar , Rabbi Chaim Vital and others describe at length how people who study Torah to feed their own pride and to attain honor and fame are like those who eat the shell of a nut and discard the fruit. But this person sees the Torah only as a means to display his own intellectual prowess. He is capable, after all, of learning with the right attitude, and eventually the Torah itself will lead him to discover that the fruit is better than the shell.

At that point, all that he has learned will be redeemed. The same concern applies to the inner wisdom of Torah—but much more so, since he now prides himself on knowing the secrets of the cosmos when in truth he is spewing nonsense and even heresy. The difference is that in this territory there is no reason to believe that eventually he will have a change in attitude—in most cases, it is simply beyond his capacity to grasp the true meaning.

Yet, eventually, knowing these innermost secrets of Torah will be the principal occupation for all of us. Maimonides writes this explicitly, 15 describing the times of Moshiach :. In that era there will be neither famine or war, envy or competition, for good will flow in abundance and all the delights will be freely available as dust. If the entire world is filled with this knowledge as waters cover the ocean bed, obviously there will no longer be the restrictions of who can study and how many, etc.

Keep in mind that this is the same Maimonides who presented us earlier with all the restrictions on the study of this wisdom—and who also writes categorically that all rules of the Torah apply forever. Obviously then, he also holds that these restrictions are a phenomenon of our times, when most people do not have the mind to fathom these things.

But how about us?

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What makes it not only permissible but obligatory to publicize these teachings in our times? Maimonides has a precedent. Originally, the twenty-four books of the Hebrew Bible were meant to be studied exclusively from a written scroll, and their commentary and explanation was to be transmitted exclusively as an oral tradition. There were, and still are, many reasons why this had to be the case. The absence of a written text compels the student to review the material until he has gained complete fluency, and to come to a much deeper understanding than he could through book learning; 17 it retains the unbounded nature of the oral tradition that is ever expanding through discussion and new applications 18 —and more.

What was good for the student at one time is not what is good for the student at another time, and taking that into account preserves the integrity of Torah. Our environment—the world at large—has also descended into a much stronger spiritual darkness. Under such conditions, the only antidote is to unleash the power of the inner light of Torah—the centerpiece of the crown jewels.

The inner light of Torah has the power to awaken the inner, hidden powers of the human soul. That light alone has the power to awaken the inner, hidden powers of the human soul. It empowers us to overcome the increasing darkness of our environment and to ride above our personal challenges from within.

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My library. Books on Google Play. They that laugh at every thing, and they that fret at every thing, are fools alike. The good government of our appetites, and corrupt inclinations, will make our minds cheerful and easy: contentment will sweeten alow fortune, and patience will make our sufferings light. To be masters of ourselves and habits, it is indispensably necessary, that our thoughts be goid and regular, which is effected by good converse either with books or persons: hence we may know ourselves, and adapt particular remedies to our weaknesses; for there is nothing impossible that is necessary to the accomplishment of our happiness.

To be covetous of applause discovers a slender merit; and self-conceit is the ordinary attendant of ignorance. The most ignorant are most conceited, and the most impatient of advice, as unable to discern either their own folly or the wisdom of others.

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No man, whose appetites are his masters, can perform the duties of his nature with strictness and regularity. He that would be superior to external influences, must first become superior to his own passions. It is to affectation the world owes its whole race of coxcombs: nature in her whole drama never drew such a part; she has sometimes made a fool, but a coxcomb is always of a man's own making. Ostentation takes from the merit of any action. He that is vain enough to cry up himself, ought to be punished with the silence of other men. The observation that no man is ridiculous for being what he is, but only in the affectation of being something more, is equally true in regard to the mind and the body.

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They are more dangerously ill, that are drunk with vanity, than those with wine; for a morning makes one himself, but the other is unrecoverable. Coach Wooden was wise to understand that your outlook often controls the outcome. All I can say is, "WOW! You're the best! Thank you for these emails. I read them as soon as I get them. Very inspiring and encouraging to continue to coach with Faith. Today's issue was great. I love the Abraham Lincoln quote, "The worst thing you can do for those you love is the things they could and should do for themselves.

All The best! These are all great!

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All 41 have been amazing. This one however, was the most simplistic and it speaks volumes to why Coach Wooden was so wildly successful.. Craig, thanks so much for sharing all of Coach's philosophy on life.

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I try to apply his principals every day in coaching our team here at Young Harris. You're the best. Craig, This is great stuff. Although I left active coaching in I keep up with the sports world and still teach some classes at the Professional Golfers Careers College in Temecula Ca.

This series is great.